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This page provides an overview of the four different search functions available on SUBSPORT. The type of information you can search for as well as the search and filter options are explained. The SUBSPORT databases (2. and 3.) can so far only be searched in English.

The search functions are also offered in green boxes in the right column to allow for easy access from any website section.

(English) 1. SUBSPORT website


Search the SUBSPORT website using this free text search function. Databases will not be searched.

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(English) 2. SUBSPORT Restricted and Priority Substances Database

(English) The database contains 29 lists of substances that are legally or voluntarily restricted or are recommended for restriction due to their hazards. Descriptions of the lists and links to the original sources can be found in the database. Information is provided in English.

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(English) Substance lists


(English) 3. SUBSPORT Case Story Database

(English) The database provides substitution examples as well as information on alternative substances and technologies from enterprises, published reports and other sources. The case stories can serve as inspiration and offer concrete help to companies or organisations searching for substitutes to hazardous chemicals. Substances mentioned in the case stories are pre-evaluated regarding hazards according to SUBSPORT methodology. Information is available in English. Translations into French, German and Spanish will be done before end of 2012.

(English) You can perform a free text search including CAS, EC and Index numbers. Use the filter options to narrow down your search.

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(English) Search filters

(English) Sectors

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(English) 4. External substitution websites and databases


Use this customized Google site search to find additional information on other substitution related websites and databases outside of SUBSPORT. A list of sources that are searched can be found here.

To narrow down your search enter more details to your search text, like sector or function of a substance. You can search also for French, German and Spanish terms.

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